A nice kindergarten is not enough for today’s parents; they work hard and want the best for their children, including the best design.
Everything in this kindergarten in Ramat Hasharon is perfect, if you ask me maybe even too perfect for little kids.
Forget the messy sandbox and the small squeaking chairs (at least according to my own kindergarten experience) and instead imagine a wonderful soothing space that is taken out of your dreams.
The entrance hall has a vast reading room with a white circular table and PVC leather chairs in blue and red. The living room is decorated with wooden panels with different characters explaining what they do at every space in the garden and the dining area has its own small tables.
“Everything has been taken into account with ‭the Safety Advisor” says architect Lilach Lev.  Everything is soft with a lot of white and blue. “Precisely because it is a room for the kids to go wild in, it is important to moderate the adrenaline” 

The "Nature Room"


The special areas for the kids are designed according to various topics such as the “Nature Room” or the “Sea Room” abd the “Fairytale Room” (which is designed as a castle). The kids may be fast but the kindergarten is quite big, and to accomodate it designer Shani Hai designed a toilet for every room.
“No parent will put his kid in a kindergarten just because it’s pretty; this is the ideal – a combination of educational vision and a beautiful design.”
According to the designer, the materials are simple and easy to clean. If you ask me, all of this effort to design such a sterile look is not actually for the kids rather for their parents, but what’s  so wrong about that?

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