I’m always searching for unique home items or special designs to write about, but I believe your style does not have to remain behind the moment you step out your front door.  I believe you carry your lifestyle with you even when you’re  just going out to buy some groceries.
Reusable shopping bags are everywhere these days, so when you find one with features that make life a little easier and still keeps you stylish, it’s always worth a closer look.
JP Monkey totes, manufactured in Los Angeles by a Santa Barbara company, include a keychain for keeping grocery store club cards handy as well as many more special features that separate them from their competitors in the market.
JP Monkey bags come with a removable hard bottom to prevent contents from sagging and shifting. They’re also equipped with thick reinforced handles to manage heavy loads without ripping. They’re machine-washable, an important factor in keeping cross-contaminating meat and poultry bacteria at bay.

But like I wrote at the beginning your style mustn’t stay at home - JP Monkey bags are made of handsome upholstery fabrics. And for those of you (I believe that’s all of you) who don’t want to be a walking billboard, the totes are advertisement-free, making them versatile enough to be carried for work or play, on neighborhood errands or while traveling the world.

JP Monkey founder Joslyn Gray, a commercial interior designer in Santa Barbara, started sewing shopping bags for personal use in 1995 and, after receiving overwhelming interest from admirers, launched her company in 2007.  “We’re just one option out of many now,” Gray says, “but our main mission remains the same — to get people reusing bags instead of choosing paper or plastic.”

The bags cost $25 each on the JP Monkey website, where buying four or more gets you an automatic 15% discount.

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