Every little touch contributes to the style of our homes so I was delighted to discover Forbes & Lomax – a brilliant company whose vision can bring some light into our lives.

20 years ago, the elegant glass, nickel and brass light switches of the 1930s were no longer available and the modern alternatives were too simple and lacking any sophistication, which made them unsuitable for high end projects.
It was at this point that Forbes & Lomax was founded, and with these problems in mind the company launched the invisible light switch – a light switch that combines the two different design styles, the simplicity of modernism with the class of the 1930s.
A transparent acrylic plate, allowing the wallpaper or wall paint to show through combined with a stylish metal toggle switch in the center.

A complete range of dimmers and outlets were designed to suit the exacting demands of architects, interior designers of both traditional and contemporary flair.

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