When an international tourism magazine ; “Conde Nest Traveler “, cfhooses the new design museum in Holon, a small city in Israel, as one of the new wonders of the world, alongside th stadium football city set up for the World Cup in Johannesburg, a museum competed in Calais, France, the Guang TV Tower in China, and others I had to find out what is so special about this architectural project.
The building was inaugurated On January 31st, 2010 following four years of construction, by Ron Arad architects.
The design museum Holon is Arad’s first architecture project of this scale. Constructed of five twisting bands of varying shades of COR-TEN (weathered steel).
The museum is comprised of two primary galleries and a number of alternative exhibition and education spaces. The upper gallery (500m²) celebrates the abundance of natural light in Israel and the qualities it can bring to the display of three-dimensional objects, while allowing curatorial flexibility through modulating light levels.
The smaller, lower gallery, (250m²) is taller inside but offers a more intimate, personal relationship between the visitor and the objects on display.
The project was initiated by Holon’s mayor Mr. Moti Sason and managing director, Ms. Hana Hertsman who invited Ron Arad architects to create the iconic building. Ron Arad architects has been involved in the project from the program development stage throughout the conceptual stage and the completion of building.
Working together from such an early stage of development has enabled us to find answers to the question of the relationship between curatorial space and public circulation. We were able to capitalise on the potential space between the curves of the bands so that all the surfaces around the galleries and public facilities would fit comfortably in and in many cases, created bonus galleries. The bands form a visual key that carries visitors into the building, through it and then out; the bands instantly become a string that ties the whole building together inside and out” says Asa Bruno, supervising architect.

The overall purpose of the institution is to explore the impact of design and its relation to urban spaces and everyday life. The new museum will join Holon’s mediatheque – the cultural centre of the city, which includes the national cartoon museum, repertoire theatre with original productions, cinematheque, material and public library.
Holon is a city which is re-inventing itself culturally, with ambitious plans that are investing a lot into culture. The concept of this museum in the Middle Eastern sun is just one instance. The city was brave enough to give us the design task and I hope that it is
received well by the municipality and the public.”– Ron Arad
Ron Arad’s design for the museum demonstrates a sculptural approach, combining ingenuous and playful functionality with highly visual design. In reference to his approach he says:
Every project is unique; each one invites a different response. When we started working on the design museum Holon, it was like a white canvas, things developed and a direction was formed. We created a hierarchy of outdoor spaces so you walk in under the building into a semi-covered yard, where you have a choice to take the air-conditioned route or one exposed to the elements.The building envelope is not just a pretty space; it’s also a structure.”

I’m convinced, how about you?
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