In the 1940s, when struggling artists moved into abandoned warehouses in New York’s SoHo area, lofts came to be known as a multi-use space that accommodated both work and living.
Now days these stylish apartments are the dream of many people who love the urban culture and style (I have to admit I am definitely one of those people) a dream of Unique tiles, exposed ductwork, floors of colored concrete , old wood planks and distinctive light fixtures.

 But until all of us dreamers will have the chance of doing so, who says our current home can’t give us this amazing New-York chic?
Nothing says I live in a loft (or would like you to think I do) with more directness than the humble work stool with a seat that adjusts on a visible industrial screw.
You can find this great item at various prices from vintage furniture stores and flea markets, but what if you want a matching set for a kitchen counter?
Home decor catalogs have turned up with reproductions of factory classics, above. One of these new versions of old favorites is the Modern Times factory stool from the Sundance Catalog, which sells for $195, the other is Cooper’s Small Draftsman stool, $159 from Wisteria.

For those who prefer a shinier version that looks more contemporary than the early 20th century reproductions, there are several stainless steel models on the market (above), which feature adjustable screw stools and footrests.

I guess you can always get the home of your dreams with the help of only a few new pieces and a bit of imagination.

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