Although we all sometimes try to hide our romantic side deep deep down, let’s face it – the familiar scene of the lovely couple sitting by the burning fire makes the toughest one of us feel a little bit warm inside. That’s why even though the cold winter has passed us I want to introduce you to a wonderful new idea and design – the smokeless fire line of Planika.

The Fire Line insert is a safe and easy way to display a long ribbon of flames on a wall, in a recess or even on a shelf. The new model is a marriage of contemporary design and functionality, which finds its application in most interiors and opens new arrangement possibilities for architects and just any one who wishes to add a special and warm touch to their home.

The reason Planika’s fire doesn’t make any smoke is the special fuel called “Fanola” . The special formula of Fanola is a green source of energy based on ethanol of plant origin which burning it produces no smoke no smell and no ashes.
The burning time – 7 hours; regular, steady flame in natural warm color throughout the whole time: can be switched off and on again at any time and the best thing about it – due to technologically advanced system that burns fumes instead of actual fuel, CO2 emissions are cut down to a minimum making it the cleanest product of its kind on the market.

 So go ahead and let your self be a little romantic and check out the new collection.

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